Smashed Glass Corby

Have you got problem with Smashed Glass Corby?

Shattered or smashed glass corby can be an inconvenience you can do without.

We had a call today from a customer who had been mowing the lawn and a stone had flicked up and smashed the glass in her upvc door.

This is a common problem that we receive calls for in the summer months. Tiny stones that could be in the grass get thrown out like a bullet and can smash double glazed units very easily. Even the toughened glass units.

The toughened glass however will shatter into a million pieces which is what it is designed to do for your safety. Float glass on the other hand will break into big shards, so can be dangerous.

Any patterned  glass tends to be more fragile than plain glass because of the pattern weakening the glass itself.


If you have an accident when mowing the lawn, don't worry.

We can replace your double glazed doors with new glass at a fraction of the cost of a new door. Its not as expensive as you might think, which is great news.                                                                                              

Some people even go for a panel replacement rather than have new glass just in case it happens again. This works well if the upvc doors have a central bar meaning we can retain the glazed unit at the top but replace the lower unit with a upvc panel to match the door.


We supply and fit replacement glass units and upvc panels which are manufactured in accordance with BS 476 part 7.  The spread of flame class 1 and BS4735, with self extinguishing fire retardant materials and fulfils building regulations part L.


  • They are colourfast and uv stable 
  • High impact and chemical resistance properties
  • Fire retardant and self extinguishing
  • Weather proof and of course rot resistant


If you have a upvc panel that has been damaged or a smashed glass unit that is now in a million pieces. Then get in touch today for a fast response and a solution to your smashed glass Corby.


Smashed Glass? Don't be sad...

‘Had Steve to fit a problem with our back doors and replace some smashed glass, great job at a great price”
Mr Bailey
Corby, Northants