Double Glazed Unit Replacement Corby

So you need to replace some glass. Lets look at a few options.

You can choose from a few different options when you are thinking of choosing some glass for a double glazed unit replacement Corby. You can choose from plain to patterned glass, coloured or stained glass and also there is a few speciality glasses that are now available. All this will depend on your existing frames, house style, what your budget is and of course what you really would like.

Low E Glass - This stands for low emissivity glass

This type of glass differs from standard clear glass as one side of the glass has a coating. This special coating increases the window efficiency by reducing the heat transfer or even the cold. This is great news and a good option to go for your double glazed windows. This will help to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler during the summer. Pilkington has a version of this type of glass which you have probably heard of and it is called K glass. This is well worth considering when thinking of your double glazed unit replacement Corby. It works in the same sort of way that you get when you put some foil behind a radiator. The heat is directed back into to the room.


Self Cleaning Glass - No we are not joking.

There is now an option to choose self cleaning glass that actually works. The glass has a coating that is active and is chemically bonded so will not wash off. It works by absorbing sunlight i.e. uv light which will cause a reaction on the surface which will break down and loosen the dirt. When it rains next, the loosened dirt will simply wash off as the coating causes the water to sheet off the glass. This means that your window is continually working at keeping itself clean. The coating it has will prevent water droplets forming that will cause streaks. A brilliant option for your double glazed windows and not as expensive as you may think.


We can help whatever the problem

As well as these more technical sounding options we can supply patterned glass, very useful in bathrooms etc. We can offer lots of new patterns as well as the older patterns that we used to see years ago such as the leafy patterns that were so popular. Its good that these are still available as very often the older frames (say 25 years +) are still in perfect working order so the cheaper option is to replace just the glass - saving you money.

Some people don't like patterned glass and we have an option that is perfect for them also when they are thinking of replacing the glass in their upvc windows.

Satin Glass,  a beautiful product, no pattern and no one can see through it at all. The good thing about it is though is the fact that even though you cannot see through it, you still get approx 84% of the light through into the room. This is much higher than many of the traditional patterned types of glass.

Ask us about it next time your thinking of a double glazed unit replacement Corby upgrade .

“Booked Steve to come and secured our french door after attempted break in. The replacement unit was suppled really quick and fitted no bother, all rubbish was removed and included a 5 year guarantee, great service”
Mrs Cole
Corby, Northants

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