28th July 2016

UPVC Door Hinges

Types of  Door Hinges - Flag type,  Butt type, Rebate & Composite Type                                                                 

A lot of UPVC door hardware, especially Upvc door hinges are many and varied. Where a particular hinge is worn or broken, we will replace like for like if possible. Sometimes an exact match is not available (such as when parts become discontinued), it will be necessary to replace all the hinges on the door to match, both for function and appearance.           

We split our Upvc Door Hinges into four categories. Butt type door hinges which are sometimes called a pencil or cylinder hinge, Flag type door hinges, Rebate hinges and Composite door hinges. We carry a stock of all types on the van at all times. These type of Upvc double glazing door hinges have fitted by Upvc door suppliers since the late 1970's. Its worth saying that hinge design has changed and improved over the years and parts have become discontinued. 

However due to our long trading history and contacts we are still able to supply many of the older type replacement door hinges to suit. Inevitably some suppliers are no longer trading and therefore have ceased manufacturing. 

We are here to help

If you need your Upvc Door Hinges replaced then contact us today for a free survey and we will do our best to help you.

“Call to SADG to some windows that would not lock anymore and one that was stuck in the locked position. Steve sorted the problem with minimum fuss and disruption, great price too”
Mrs Pulford
Kettering, Northants