2nd August 2016

Double Glazing Repair Corby

Looking for a specialist window repairs or double glazing repair in Corby?

Look no further - we can help.

When your windows are looking tired and need saving, SA Double Glazing Repair Corby will come to their rescue.

In most cases, windows only need specialist attention and with the aid of special repairing techniques, they can get restored to their former glory. Your windows don't need replaced and can get a new lease of life and thats great news.

We strongly believe that given the right tools and know how, a window that has become misted or broken can get repaired with minimal fuss and disruption to you the customer. In the event that a window is beyond repair, then we will advise on the best course of action for you.

You can have complete peace of mind with our guarantee for your work, and we are fully insured.

Steve at SADG, has more than 20 years experience in repairing, maintaining and replacing anything to do with windows and doors in homes, and in all types of commercial property. So call us today for your Upvc double glazing repair Corby.



"In my experience, over 95% of window problems can be solved with repair and without the need to replace the window" - Stephen Allan

Your Local Specialist In Double Glazing Repair Corby:

Broken Sealed Units Replaced
Misty Sealed Units Replaced
Window Locks Repaired
Door Locks Repaired
Hinges and Handles Replaced
Patio Door Wheels Replaced
Tilt And Turn Adjustments and replacements


Do you have broken or misty sealed units?
Are your window and door locks damaged or faulty?
What about the hinges, handles and window mechanisms in need of repair or service?
SADG specializes in TILT and TURN adjustments and repairs and in complete gearing replacement, call us for more information and free advice.

Don't replace it... Repair it...

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