26th July 2016

Glass Repairs & Replacement

Glass Repairs

Here at SA Double Glazing Repairs, glass repairs is one of the many services we provide. We can replace all broken or cracked glass. Broken glass is an inconvenience you can do without so when it come to glass repairs we should be your first call.

We have a fast & efficient glass repair service and we work with a wide range of glass available. This includes, toughened glass, laminate glass and all types of obscure, bathroom glass or patterned glass. Also available to supply or repair decorative or leaded glass to your needs. Fire resistant glass is also available where required.

We supply competitively priced sealed units manufactured to the highest standards within the glass industry acceptable standards. We can supply sealed units to your specification for you to fit or can supply and fit, no more problems with glass repairs, corby as we like to give the customer the choice that works for them.  Please e-mail for a quotation. Delivery within our area is free.

Please include sizes with your enquiry and I will get back to you with prices fast.  I can provide a survey service at very reasonable rates if you intend to install a sealed unit yourself and need help with measurements or do not know which type of glass to specify.

Here to help

Prices to supply and fit a replacement sealed unit start from around £40 depending on the type and size of glass, ease of access and number of men required. The more units you have replaced the lower the price per unit so bear in mind that if one unit is misting up then others of a similar age might follow. There is no charge for a quote. It is possible to replace older units with low e glass/k glass which has greater thermal efficiency - so great savings on your energy bills. We are happy to discuss these options with you at the quotation stage.

If you are looking to improve thermal efficiency it is possible in some cases to fit replacement sealed units with a thicker gap or to fit units manufactured with more efficient types of glass. A survey will be needed to make sure this is feasible, more details on request.

Upgrading existing units to a thicker air gap is a good way of reducing heat loss. This could be a consideration if you are replacing sealed units for other reasons. This is only possible where there is room to reduce gasket size and increase cavity width.  So of course will be subject to a survey. Upgrades to higher efficiency low e glass/k glass are also worth considering.

Get in touch today for free quotes and free advice on all your glass repairs.



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