26th July 2016

Window & Door Repairs

Diagnosing and repairing all your window & door repairs throughout Northants & Rutland

When it comes to Window & Door Repairs, you might think that misted or foggy windows is the usual problem people experience with double glazing. That is one of the problems you will get at some point. But you might also experience difficulties with alignment, leaks, locking, hinges, handles and sticking or stiffness opening and closing. Most problems will be solved by just a new part without the need for expensive replacement windows and doors.

One of the main problems we get called to with doors, is the multipoint locking mechanism found on a UPVC or Composite door and also some wooden doors. These are the type of locks that get fitted to the front and back doors protecting your home. They offer you great security and they help protect you and your family and help protect your possessions when you are not at home.

When a multipoint lock develops a fault, it is normally without warning, and all of a sudden you find yourself vulnerable and without security. All of a sudden, it is an emergency and your multipoint needs repairing or replacing urgently. We always advise if you are having problems with your door and having to force the handle up in order to lock it, then its a sure sign something is wrong and time to call in the professional.


We can help

This is where SA Double Glazing Repairs can assist with your window & door repairs. We carry a variety of multipoint locks in stock and can sometimes visit you and repair the lock all in one visit. If for any reason we do not have the right model of lock, we will then use a temporary overnight lock to secure your door until we have sourced the right replacement multipoint lock for your door normally within 24 hours.

With most lock faults we will respond to you on the same day and make your home secure. So do not worry if you find yourself in this situation, we are very experienced and used to dealing with emergencies. Just give us a call for all your window & door repairs.

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