28th July 2016

Door Locks

Multipoint locks

Multipoint door locks are the locking mechanism found on a UPVC or Composite door and also some wooden doors. Some of these multipoint door locks are fitted to the front and back doors protecting your home. They offer you security knowing that their job is to keep unwanted guests out of your home. They help protect you and your family and help protect your possessions when you are not at home.

When multipoint door locks develops a fault, it is normally without warning. All of a sudden you find yourself vulnerable and without security. They can and often do fail in the locked position which gives you the added problem of being locked out. It has quickly become an emergency and your multipoint needs repairing or replacing urgently. With most lock faults we will respond to you on the same day and make your home secure. So do not worry if you find yourself in this situation, we are very experienced and used to dealing with emergencies. 

Many types

There is a large range of different door locks, with very little similarity in the fit of the many types. Many people have found out to their expense it is not just a case of nipping down the local DIY store to buy an off the shelf door lock, it probably won't fit.  We keep a good stock level of many common types. Therefore we are able to offer you a quick resolution in the event a lock failure resulting in your property being insecure. 

Levels of security can vary greatly with door locks. The older type locks were simple in design and not very secure compared to modern door locks. In the event an existing lock has failed, we would endeavour to replace like for like if possible.  However, many older locks are no longer available and we use our best to supply and fit an alternative. The replacement will match or exceed the security level of the original.                                                                                                                                                                                      


Should you wish to upgrade the security level, or change to a different type of lock, please call us to arrange a visit to advise on what is possible in your particular circumstances. 

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“had a new locking system fitted to our tilt and slide patio door. i thought we might have to get a new door but SA were recommended to us, brilliant, saved us loads”
Mrs Garland
Seaton, Rutland