2nd August 2016

Window Locks

Window locks

In simple terms window locks have two components that we need to concern ourselves with.

The handles can often have locks too, but these do not secure the window from external access. They merely prevent anyone already in the house from opening the window.

The lock that actually secures the window may be a Cocksure handle type (mentioned before on our window handle page) with a nose that engages over the frame.

You don't normally see them nowadays on new builds as they are long since discontinued.


Modern type

The more common method of locking the window is with an espagnolette type locking system. This is operated by the handle and has two or three rollers, or mushroom bolts that engage with keeps that are located on the frame.

The alternative is to use a separate gearbox that sits behind the handle. When turning the handle, the gearbox drives a pair of shoot rods that engage into the top and bottom or each side of the frame probably also with two mushroom bolts. These might seem the perfect choice but they are not without their problems.

All these types are largely replaceable from stock parts on the van, although sometimes with slight modifications where designs have changed over the years.

There are thousands of these window locks that are now obsolete. However, we like to have a selection of old and new window locks that should suit most upvc window systems. We are also able to locate old window locks from the past 25 years, so please enquire if you have a certain window lock system that is not working correctly.

As always, we will survey, advise and quote on what it required to deal with any specific issue. So get in touch today for any window locks you may need.

“We called in Steve as we had a few steamed up units that needed attention, whilst he was here he checked the other windows to make sure they were all working correctly, great price and guarantee”
Mrs Holme
Stanton, Northants