Steamed up Glass Kettering

Great news for a local customer

SA Double Glazing repairs have ridden to the rescue yet again, solving steamed up glass kettering. One of our customers who was about to pay too much money for her double glazing repairs. Thanks to us we managed to save a local lady hundreds of £££££ for a simple job like steamed up glass.
The enquiry came from the daughter Mrs Coyne. Her mother Mrs Weelands had a steamed up glass window and she had contacted a national Double Glazing Company. They had visited and pressure sold her a replacement window and not the simple replacement unit for steamed up glass.

The mother who was an OAP,  told me that the salesman had started at £1900 and through various discounts reduced the price to £940. Yes you guessed it... so long as she signed up and paid a deposit that day.

My price to her to replace the unit in Insulating Glass £116.40! with NO VAT to pay. Some companies even try to say that "insulating glass " is unique to them.  This this simply not true, don't fall for it. We will offer you a true choice.


Tradesmen not salesmen

This is not an isolated incident. We hear about situations like this right across the country. Fortunately we insist on giving our customers the best value for money possible, we are tradesmen, not salesmen. There’s no need to pressure people like this poor lady into buying products they dont need or want.

Our quotes take a few  minutes to complete, on average, and the customer either wants the job doing or they don’t. This way of operating seems to be making us quite unique in the industry (no call outs ever). And it’s an approach that, not only are we very proud of, but it makes great business sense too as we get loads of repeat business from happy customers.’

So, if you have steamed up glass kettering, broken or damaged glass don’t have a double glazing salesman sat in your house until midnight. Give SA Double Glazing Repairs a call  or complete our enquiry form.

“ordered some replacement double glazed units that had steamed up, 11 units in total, all at a good price and completed quickly with all old units removed for us at no extra charge, well happy”
Mrs Tate
Kettering, Northants